Mengaktifkan Feed Burner Di Blog

To introduce blog and writing on the blog, we not only use Google Webmaster Tools such as I have written in previous articles, there is also the use FeedBurner as a means of our campaign blog, although we have not necessarily written immediately recognized by search engines, there is no we try and try, because this machine is also sometimes take time to recognize them. But this is often done by people who have been successful in getting a drag people in (the quality of blogs should also be the main focus), so what I write here is to follow suggestions from the senior-senior earlier. And this is also not clear from the use of keywords (keyword) that we use. If a keyword is incidental many other blogs that use the competition occurred in determining the top position on search engines such as Google.

And here I try to explain step by step in making regitrasi in Feed burner:

Step 1: We must first enter the site from FeedBurner, and here we have to do regitrasi. But for users who already have lived Sign in here alone.

Step 2: Here we can directly click on the next course.

Step 3: Enter the full URL click Next.

Step 4: Then click the button Activate feed.

Step 5: After that click Next.

Step 6: Finally click Next again.

Once the above steps have been done that is needed is Optimization, we live Click Optimize tab. This tab contains the features I can use to optimize the performance of our feed. Generally, we only need to activate SmartFeed, which features to make it compatible with the feed of various feed reader, click the button and then select Activate.

After the finish we need to optimize publication, select the tab publicize. This tab contains fitur2 to mempulikasikan feed us to the outside world. I first will enable us to do is FeedCount,'s useful features to showcase the number of people subscribe to feeds us. Click on the menu FeedCount which is located beside the left. Then press Activate.

From the menu on the left, press the button PingShot. Check on the two existing service ping (Ping-O-Matic and NewsGator). Next, on the dropdown menu, add 5 other pinging services as you. I usually add is my Feedster, IceRocket, Google Blog Search (this shows!), Weblogs.Com, and FeedBlitz. Finally, press Activate to activate.

Email feature is the last Subscribtion, where to enable this feature, loyal to your blog visitors can always follow the latest updates via email. Enabling this feature is an alternative for visitors I love more than email program2 feed reader. Click Email Subscribtion from the menu on the left. On the next screen, select FeedBurner just as your service provider, and press Activate to activate.

Welcome to try!

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