Training Read More part 2

Already many wonder how to make READ MORE bloggers in the beta / new (for a tutorial read more at the moment / blogger template old classic or see here) and I have already let the address. But apparently some rather difficult dg English language tutorials. To you I include this group, inviting me to follow these guidelines.

There are two ways to read more in the blogger / blogspot new (the New Blogger is the layout of the admin / layout and page element / page elements).

First way:

1. Open the template -> Edit HTML -> Love signs typing on the menu "expand widget tempate"
2. Place the following code in the top of the code

3. Place the following code in the code


4. Click Save. Done.
5. Click Settings or settings, click Format, or formatting. At the bottom there is an empty box on the side of the menu TEMPLATE POST. Fill the box blank page dg the following code:

Do not forget to click Save Settings.

How to post

When the post, click EDIT HTML (not COMPOSE). So, will automatically appear code

Put the posts will be displayed on the front page while the rest of the code (ie, the overall entry / articles), put in the code between


Most of the problems that Dihadapi

1. When clicking the "Save Changes" we often get this message:

XML error message: The element type "style" must be terminated by the matching end-tag "".

Do not panic. That means that quotes / quoted go close (quote / unquote) the sign that is' in the code does not match the font template. The need to be done is to remove the quotation marks [ '] and love the new quotes in the same place. And try again click Save.

2. You have successfully put all the code above, but 'read more' is successful; posts remain long? Writing and 'read more' nongol at the bottom of the article? Cool. Follow the following solution: click "Settings" -> click the "format" -> dispose / delete all the quotes open / close (quote / unquote) in the "fullpost" and replace with new quotes. Do not forget to click "Save".
Done. Congratulations extended in the blogger / blogspot with READ MORE.

When you successfully perform the way I do READ MORE on the need not to try again under way. Under way as the only alternative and somewhat more complicated in ways that appeal above.
By fatihsyuhud.com

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